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What to Expect at Discharge

Discharge planning begins on admission and continues throughout the patient stay. The goal is to foster the appropriate utilization of healthcare services to ensure a timely and smooth transition to the most appropriate setting for post-rehabilitative care, i.e.: home for self-care (but follow-up with MD), home with skilled home health services, home with Hospice, assisted living, and nursing home placement.

The discharge plan assesses the needs of the patient and matches those needs with the appropriate, and available, options. Medical services, supplies, equipment, education, monitoring, and transportation are arranged as needed on discharge.

At the time of discharge, both the patient and the primary medical doctor receive a copy of the discharge summary. A follow up appointment with the primary medical doctor is confirmed. Prescriptions are provided and reviewed with the patient and family, and a copy of the medications are sent to the primary medical doctor as well.

A pamphlet of community resources within the local area is given to each resident at discharge. Lastly, a satisfaction survey is provided to each discharged patient to help OLOC continue to make improvements to assure a positive experience during a patient's rehabilitative stay.