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Founders Cafe

The coffee shop is located on the first floor, rear corridor of the East Building. It is open to serve you and your visitors from 11:30 to 6:00 p.m. This service provides an additional area for pleasant relaxation and friendly conversation.

Beauty Parlor / Barber

The beauty salon/barber shop is located on the first floor in the West Building, next to Rehabilitative Services. Appointments and transportation to the salon will be coordinated by the nursing assistant responsible for your personal care.

Financial Services

The financial services office is located on the first floor just passed the main lobby. In this office, provisions have been made for safeguarding your valuables. You are advised not to keep much money or credit cards on your person or in your room. The facility is not responsible for loss or misplacement of money or credit cards.

For your convenience, the Financial Services Office is open 8:00am—4:00p.m., Monday through Friday. During this time, the office will be able to accept payments for services rendered, offer clarifications of same, distribute cash from personal accounts, as well as allow residents access to their personal accounts to deposit or withdraw money.

We recommend that a personal resident account be opened. This will enable you to charge certain services such as the beauty salon, and also to deposit money for residents to withdraw. We discourage you from keeping money in your room. All personal funds are placed in an interest-bearing savings account and quarterly statements are issued as prescribed by the State of New York.

In order to handle your financial matters adequately, it is suggested that Social Security and pension checks be deposited directly to the resident’s personal account upon admission. The Financial Services Office sends out bills by the 10th of each month. Payment is expected upon receipt of the bill. Applying for Medicaid assistance rests with you and/or your family. The Finance and Social Services Office will assist you with referrals for this process.

Outdoor Stroll Garden and Pavilion Area

Beautifully landscaped outdoor area for residents and families to gather and visit. This area is also used for resident barbecues and activities.

Resident Recreation Bus

Our Lady of Consolation provides our residents/patients with transportation to many of their outside activities, such as restaurants, movies, and sports activities.

Culinary & Nutritional Services

The Culinary and Nutritional Service Department provides a wide array of restaurant-style menus under the critical eye of our Executive Chef Manager, John Dominici. Every effort is taken to provide a nutritious meal that is satisfactory to our resident/patient. We use locally grown produce to ensure that we provide the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetable options available.  Some of our produce is grown in our own vegetable gardens that are tended to by our Culinary staff and our residents.

Under the leadership and watchful eye of our Clinical Manager, Eileen Coppola MSRD, our dietitians meet with our residents/patients and or as well as family members to ensure that we have a good understanding of their loved ones likes and dislikes. We have a liberal outlook when it comes to pleasing and caring for our residents/patients culinary needs.

We accommodate and ensure that those residents/patients that have special culinary needs are addressed. We have been known to go out to the local supermarket to secure their needs when we are not able to get these items from our vendors. No request and or need is left unattended to. We have vowed to take special care of individuals entrusted to us, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our new dining system will have a positive impact on the temperature of the meals, selection of choices, and customer service practices.

Some of our specials for our resident/patient family include

  • Weekly summer barbecues in our lovely gazebo area, including live entertainment.
  • Monthly Dinner Theater
  • Monthly Birthday breakfast celebrations
  • Special meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
  • We extend to our community senior citizens, a hot meal seven days a week, for a minimal fee, from 4:00-6:30pm in our Senior Cafe program